Do you feel like something is missing in your life?
Are you searching for your purpose for Being?
Are you questioning – Who am I?

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If you have answered – “Yes!” – to any of these questions, you are living a life that has taken you away from your authentic Self; your true Self. Who you really are; the person you were created to be in this life.

Your hunger may be to live your life on your own terms and by your own design creating wealth, joy, peace, love, and abundance. Living your life in a way that embraces your inner Self, full of energy in complete expression of being that something greater. Your hunger may be to live the life you envision in your heart.

You can live from this perspective. How? By allowing yourself to BE your Self; your authentic Self; your true Self. You have lost your footing. If you are tired of the same old same old, then you are ready for transformation. It is possible and available to you now!

I am here at your service to assist you with realizing all that you are. If you have the courage to walk the journey back to your Self – your authentic Self; your true Self – you will realize the profound gift you have within…You. It is a beautiful and dynamic journey of Self-discovery that will set you free to Be all that you were created to BE. You will live a magnificent life on your own terms and by your own design naturally, passionately, and completely.

Love Life! Embrace Freedom!

Transformational Counseling

intuitive counseling

Awaken and develop your authentic Self you were created to be holistically. Transform your life and live on your own terms and by your own design. Read more

Psychic/Intuitive Readings

Psychic and Intuitive Readings

I connect with and read your energy where the essence of who you are and your life experiences exist – past, present, and future. Read more



You possess within your subconscious full knowledge of your life past, present, and future. Through hypnosis you can access that information. Read more

Have the courage to say, “Yes” to your Self and live the life you were created
to live in all of its fullness and splendor.

Let’s Talk

Lets Talk

Do you want to talk to someone who REALLY listens to you without judgment or criticism? Let’s Talk provides you that safe space to express yourself. Read more

Energy Healing


Jo works with the subtle bodies of your electromagnetic field using a combination of healing modalities to assist in restoring system balance. Read more

21st Century Leadership

21sh Century Leadership

Effective leadership encompasses developing the Seven Levels of Self. How you lead yourself determines how successful your life will be.  Read more