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It’s a Matter of Perception

We create our world based on our perceptions. How we see people, places, and things is based on our core beliefs, life experience, socialization, self-identity, personality, and all that makes us who we are. In turn, how we perceive the world around us helps to shape and define who we are; how we see ourselves. We are constantly interpreting what we are experiencing and translating it into concrete definable terms which often we conclude as fact (absolute) when in actuality it is only how we perceive it to be.

Given a scene that five people are viewing simultaneously, chances are there will be five different descriptions of what is being vi as weewed interpret it through our inner and outer senses. The same goes for our experiences. Five people can be experiencing the same event and each will process it differently; no two alike.

It is a matter of perception from which opinions and beliefs are formulated which in turn influences how we perceive the world in which we exist and influences how we act within it. Therefore, there is no right or wrong in defining the world around us. If we could only respect the fact that it is all in how we perceive our experiences, we could avoid conflict and disagreement. We could respect each other’s point of view as being unique to the perceiver knowing it does not reflect poorly on us or threaten who we define ourselves to be because we differ in opinion or belief. There are infinite perceived outcomes for anything being experienced. And no experience is erroneous; good or bad; right or wrong. They are all perfect and right for the person perceiving it.

The nuances of the world; the people, places, and things comprising it offer a plethora of possibilities to stimulate our experiences into banners of artistry that speak to us personally all through the mechanism of our perception. How we perceive the world around us is unique to each experience and everyone has the gift of understanding or interpreting the world based on our senses which form self-designed mental impressions. It is totally unique. So in our experiences, in relation to the people, places, and things making up our world, we are free to embrace the substance and apply the data received through our perception in any way we like. And however we decide is perfect and right for us because in essence, it is only a matter of perception.

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Blocked Energy Cleared

It’s been three years and I have not experienced the pain I was having in my shoulder since the session. My shoulder is healed. A lot of blocked energy was cleared during that session and what you told me around the pain I was holding on to around my mother was transformative. I know I am healed.

Ann B.

Information About Blocks

I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I feel good. The information you gave about the blocks was more helpful than that which I get from my psychiatrist.

Margaret A.

Great Awareness

The session was phenomenal. I am experiencing greater awareness and enlightenment and the session with you had a lot to do with that. I am still carrying the benefits of that session with me now.

Ruth C.
Healer & Author

Moving Forward Now

So much has changed since doing the self-esteem, goal achievement, and weight loss sessions. I see now based on the work we did that they were all interconnected. I am moving forward now in my life. I feel good about who I am and what I am finally accomplishing. Thank you.

Jody P.

Past Life Regression

The past life regression and reading helped me to see why I get medical and healing information through meditation. I know where that comes from now. I know why I am compelled to teach and have an interest in medicine and healing. I have a place to start my research about that lifetime.

Wayne C.

I Feel More Confident

I am so glad I met you. The past life regression and reading let me know I am on the right path in this lifetime. I feel more confident because I know I’ve done this before.

Sara P.

You Heard Me

You heard me. I talked, you listened. Because of your insight from just listening to me ramble and asking the right questions, I’ve written the book and it’s published. Thank you.

Tammy K.

Able to Talk to You

You are a good listener. I am able to talk to you and it’s helpful because of your insight. I can relax and say what I need to say.

Franklin J.

You Really Listen

I love talking to you. You really listen to me. I feel like I can say anything and it’s OK. I can be myself.

Katrina R.

Always Right

I don’t question what you say because so far you are always right. I always get what I need when I run things by you.

Paul C.
Psychic/Intuitive Reader & Medium

You Were Spot On!

You were spot on with everything you said. You really helped me to get clear and know how to approach what I am doing now.

Beverly H.
Spiritual Counselor

Like You Were a Teacher!

Now I have a definite understanding of where I am and who I am. I could feel the love coming from you. I am satisfied. I was going to someone else, but I did not pick up they would be on the same level and would be able to pick up my Spirits. It was like you were a teacher. It was what I asked for.

Michael M.
Hopi Chief & Shaman

Changed My Life!

Thank you so much, you have changed my life. No one has been able to help me understand and get to the root cause of why I was not living what I could see for myself. You helped me answer the question. Thank you so much. You don’t know what you did for me, you changed my life. That’s what you do, you change people’s lives.

Kit L.

Experienced Great Healing

I have come so far working with you in such a short time. I am experiencing great healing. So much has been cleared. I feel I am on the right track now. I am seeing more and more of my capabilities and what I am here to do. Just being in your presence has been healing.

Jodi B.

You Are Phenomenal

I can’t believe I have changed so much. You just don’t know what you have done for me. You are phenomenal and you helped me see how phenomenal I am. Thank you.

Michelle L.
Actress, Writer, & Director