Jo Laverne
Jo LaVerne holds a Master’s in Metaphysical Science and a Master’s in Business Administration. She has over 30 years’ experience in business and the social sciences and has been a life-long studier of metaphysics while applying its concepts to her every-day life. She is currently working on her dissertation toward a doctorate in Metaphysical Science.

Jo LaVerne is a Conscious Channel using her gifts and knowledge to assist people with realizing their life’s purpose and growing into their authentic SELF. She does this through a program – 7 Levels of SELF – she developed based on her own life’s journey; education and research; and working with countless individuals over the years. The program’s basis is achieved through psychic intuitive analysis, spiritual counseling, and energy realignment and healing applications.

For over 6 years, Jo LaVerne managed her own practice in Sedona, Arizona offering psychic intuitive readings and healings. She is continuing this work based in New Jersey, USA. She works nationally and internationally.

Jo LaVerne is a Practitioner offering psychic intuitive readings and healings as well as a member of the Board of Trustees with the Association of Research and Enlightenment of NY/Edgar Cayce Center. She is an ordained Minister of Metaphysics currently ministering through The Holistic Ministry hosting the Morning Inspiration Show on Wednesdays.

Jo LaVerne’s passion is using her gifts as a Conscious Channel, Psychic Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Kemetic Shaman, and Healer in service to others.

Jo LaVerne’s Story

Since a young child, I have used my psychic/intuitive ability to assist others with issues and concerns by offering psychic/intuitive insight from past, present, and future life perspectives. Understanding that all is composed of energy/consciousness that can be directed to produce well-being and wholeness, I apply my experience as a Reiki Master, Axiatonal Therapist, and Energy Medicine Practitioner to assist others with achieving a state of balance, integration, and overall well-being. The mind is a powerful tool consisting of all that we are, were, and will be. As a certified Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist with a specialty in past life regression, I assist others with accessing this profound well of inner knowledge as well as assist with reprogramming counter-productive thought patterns. I also hold certifications in Stress Management and Skills for Psychological Recovery (trauma modal).

I have embarked on that journey of finding my True Self; authentic Self that was initiated from a deep knowing that there was something more to my life than what I was living. There was more to me than what I was expressing. Through my effort and developed process, I found my treasure within…Me. I have trained, studied, worked, and lived to have the opportunity to assist others with realizing their True Self; authentic Self. Therefore, I operate from a place of authority because I have tested and re-tested, proving valid, what I have come to know. Having this gift of expression is of great value and rewarding not only for them, but for me as well. Playing a part in assisting others with making a greater contribution to the evolution of humanity and, most importantly, to themselves is of greater value.

I have served individuals and groups nationally as well as internationally with phenomenal results consistently accomplished for those benefiting from my services.

Bringing women and men into sync with their True Self; authentic Self is my mission. I am dedicated to assisting you with remembering and realigning with who you were created to be. Ultimately, through that clarity, you embrace yourself and manifest the life you want living naturally, passionately, and completely.

Love Life! Embrace Freedom!