It is about you. It is about you knowing you are greater than who you learned you are based on what society dictates. It is about you knowing you are greater than who you have settled on being because it’s appropriate and acceptable. It is about you knowing you are greater than what you have been conditioned to believe you are. It is about you knowing and living your True Self. There is the you, you have learned to be and then there is the you, you were created to be; your True Self. The True Self represents you as a whole person; all parts balanced and working together as one harmonious unit. It represents the you; you were created to be in all your fullness and color.

By having the courage to walk the path of realizing your True Self, you realize the depth of your value. You realize how tremendously valuable and important you are to this world and all creation. Because we are all One, created from that one energy consciousness (Infinite Creative Intelligence, Infinite Consciousness, God, Goddess, Source, Universal Consciousness, Infinite Mind, etc.) we are all connected. All is composed of that energy consciousness emanating a vibration that affects all creation. We exist in a vibrational Universe; all in existence emanating a vibration which echoes out to its intimate environment and eventually as far as the greater cosmos. There is proof of this when you are interacting with awareness of others response to you. Be aware of how you receive someone you may encounter only briefly. Be aware of how animals react to you, even your plants – how they respond to whatever mood you are in. Your emanating vibration affects others because of our innate Oneness and the fact that we share the same foundational energy consciousness from which we were created and are sustained. When you realize your True Self; living that without censorship or inhibition, you are emanating a vibration that mirrors that of Infinite Creative Intelligence that foundational energy consciousness. You are creating an atmosphere of love, peace, joy, well-being, and enlightenment to be shared by the whole. You are creating the impetus for the very vibration of the world to shift along with all within it. That makes you valuable and important in the greater scheme of existence. You are playing a valuable and important role. Meditate on these words. Feel them from within. Just by virtue of the fact you exist, you are of great value and importance to the expansion of humanity, the world, this Universe, and ultimately you affect all creation. You are making a contribution, so exercise awareness and purpose of action.

From whatever perspective you are living, your life’s vibration causes a ripple effect throughout the whole; you make a contribution to this world and all creation is affected. The ideal is realizing your True Self, expressing who you are from a perspective of wholeness. Therefore, you live the life you were created to live in all its abundance, joy, peace, enlightenment, and love which creates and contributes an uplifting vibration to the whole.

With this in mind, it is about you! It is about you and how you choose to impact this world and ultimately all creation.

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