“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” A quote by the writer Anais Nin. Meditating on that quote, I was inspired through a new perspective of what that quote connotes.

It raised the thought of how much a disservice it is to hold back all that I am and choose to remain in a self-contained box in fear of exposure. What a disservice to hide in a box stifling the magnificence of who I am created to be. To do so is like being a rose that refuses to grow, develop, and blossom robbing the world of its beauty and fragrance. A flower only has the consciousness to grow, develop, and bloom showing its beauty to the world. It is completely and fully what it was created to be. You were created whole and complete in this same way. You were created with your own unique talents and capabilities designed to carry you through this life in a way that accomplishes success. In this way, you are like the rose. You are created to grow and develop innately with the intention of blossoming into your true and authentic Self. Therefore, transmitting out to the world your inherent vibration of all that you are adding value and wealth to the world around you. As well as, contributing to the world around you through active participation presenting through your self-designed platform of expression.

You may be questioning the definition of your existence and what part you play in this macrocosm of the world in which you exist. Quiet yourself and listen to the yearnings of your inner voice that speaks from within the depths of your being. You know. You have always known for it was encoded within you when you came into this life expression. You have just forgotten. The challenges of life’s experiences have thrown you off track. Unfortunately, you have chosen by default to settle and remain in a box that has been possibly designed for you from outer influences. You don’t have to remain a bud restricted from blossoming and being all that you are created to be. There is a world of treasure awaiting you if you have the courage to say, “Yes” to yourself. Why continue to live in the pain of not living true to yourself fighting to quiet the voice calling from your heart for change; for true and authentic life. You owe it to yourself to decide to take the chance and blossom into being all you were created to be; your true and authentic self. You have nothing to lose, only to gain. What could be more fulfilling than living your truth benefiting from a life that offers peace, joy, love, abundance, and a healthy disposition? Make the decision to do what is necessary to blossom into your inherent magnificence and be all you were created to be.

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