transformational rose-blossoms


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin

Transformational Counseling

I assist you with awakening and developing your authentic Self; the you, you were created to be holistically. The purpose is not to make you into a predefined image, but to unveil the beauty; and magnificence of who you are in your truth; your authentic Self.

I will assist you with:

  • delving deep enough within to find your core of authenticity; giving it a voice;
  • addressing the seven levels of Self from a balanced perspective;
  • achieving wholeness while embracing the sensuality of your inner nature;
  • learning to live true to your Self.

You will transform your life and live on your own terms and by your own design. You will come to express the dynamic power of your authentic Self in your outer life naturally, passionately, and completely.

21st Century Leadership

How do you lead yourself?

How you lead yourself is exemplary of how you lead in your professional and personal life. What kind of leader are you in your business, family, and community? Effective leadership today is 21st Century Leadership that encompasses developing the Seven Levels of Self. This process achieves becoming a better businessperson, partner, and community leader.

Be a powerful leader who:

  • Inspires better employee and customer relations building a more stable and profitable business.
  • Inspires better family relations promoting intimate, full, and rich connections.
  • Inspires better community relations contributing unlimited hope for a better world.

The possibilities are limitless. You can transform your world. Be a leader who makes a difference powerfully impacting your business, family, and community. It all begins with you. Take the next step.

Let’s Talk

Most often, you want to talk to someone who really listens to you and hears you out without interruption, judgment, criticism, invalidation, or offering their own opinion minimizing yours. It is important to be heard, sometimes assisting you with better hearing yourself. Let’s Talk is that opportunity. I offer an ear – through an active listening model along with vast experience and knowledge – and insights into your issues, concerns, or just enlightened conversation. You will find that you are heard from a broad perspective. You will have someone who talks with you, not at you. You dominate the conversation by talking about what is most important to you.

Additional Services

Psychic/Intuitive Readings

I connect with and read your energy wherein lies the essence of who you are and houses your life experiences past, present, and future. Therefore, you are provided with information specific to your past, present, and/or future life circumstances. You receive information to better understand you and your life experiences. Issues concerning relationships, career, business, finances, health, specific and overall life direction as well as providing insight regarding specific areas of concern can be addressed. You also receive information that assists you with remembering and realigning with your Higher Self and even can learn about your life purpose. You are free to ask questions and address any concerns you may have for which you will receive direct and insightful answers.


You possess within your subconscious full knowledge of your life past, present, and future. Through hypnosis you can journey within and access that information. Through this process, you gain deeper insight into that which is influencing your current life expression providing answers, clarification, and direction. This process is empowering because the information is received from your inner Self.

Everything you have experienced is stored in your subconscious. Through hypnotherapy non-productive behavioral patterns manifesting from counter-productive habitual thinking, beliefs, or outside conditioning and learning can be over-written. The result is positive reprogramming which manifests productive behavior patterns that assist you with freely living your best life.

Subtle Energy Healing

The electromagnetic field permeates, surrounds, and radiates in and out from your physical body. It is your connection to all in existence (Universal Consciousness) which is composed of energy and is infinite in nature. I work with the subtle bodies of your electromagnetic field and your chakras using a combination of healing modalities to assist with bringing your system back into balance by clearing blocks, re-establishing flow, re-energizing, and re-aligning the body’s energy system achieving a state of balance, integration, and overall well-being.

Modalities: Reiki, Axiatonal Therapy, and Energy Medicine

Sessions are distance or in-person.

Working with individuals and groups, nationally and internationally, phenomenal results have been consistently accomplished for those benefiting from Jo’s services.