Love. Love! Love? We hear, speak, and espouse this word as if it is a catch all. We relish it as if it is the concluding remedy for any situation. People talk about it, write songs and books about it, quote scripture about it from all religions, and embrace the concept of it all around the world. The presentation of love has become a buzz word that is eschewed as our only purpose. We all seek it. We covet it. We want it. We even dream about it. But have we contemplated the vibration of that word and how it defines itself? Do we truly, from within, know what love is?

What is reflected in the world from people does not always carry a love-like vibration although they are saying the word and purporting that expression. When we say we love are we coming from a place of sincere inner authenticity or are we processing through our beliefs, conditioning, or personal agenda; presenting what we think we are suppose to present to be viewed as loving? We present love as if it is a constant state, yet in reality, we fall in and out of it based on the present circumstance.

Based on what I have seen we are, collectively, doing in the name of love, I was brought to the question: What is love? I wanted to know what love is in its purity. From a metaphysical standpoint, I know that we are the very essence of Source (Infinite Creative Intelligence, Universe, Creator, Higher Consciousness, God, Goddess, etc.) from which all in existence is created and maintained; therefore, I knew the answer to that question was within me. It was clear the answer must come from deep within me; from that place within where my inner guidance supported by the purity of Infinite Creative Intelligence is accessed. By inducing a light hypnotic state which is very much like a meditative state, I began to feel the swell of a calming and soothing energy within me. It expanded until I felt consumed. It carried the most indescribable vibration of beauty, peace, and sensuality which immediately spoke love. I knew without doubt this is what the purity of love feels like. Going deeper into the feeling, it began to speak to me. It began to answer my question very clearly and distinctly.

Love is that eternal Oneness that we seek and yearn to reawaken within ourselves. Love is that Oneness with all things we knew as very young children before we were misdirected by conditioning and outside influences. Love is our connection (Oneness) to all in existence. It is that part of us that is whole, healthy, and complete. That is our natural state of being which is indicative of Infinite Creative Intelligence expressing through us. Love is the emanation of the total vibration of all that we are in that Oneness. It is that state of Oneness that lies within us contributing to who we are. We are experiencing the call to reawaken that love (Oneness) for self first and inadvertently to all in existence. We feel this yearning because it is an inherently integrated mass consciousness or energy that is our very essence. From our place of purity, deep within, love as Oneness is what we share in common. It is what we yearn to feel and experience with each other. But, it is clear we must first reawaken that within ourselves. That Oneness is primarily experienced from within ourselves for ourselves first. Without that we can not deeply appreciate, respect, or formulate a proper perspective of the magnitude of our Oneness with all existence, yet alone on a smaller scale, with each other. If we can not embrace this within ourselves then how can we authentically share love (Oneness) with another?

How do we reach that place of Oneness? We reach it from within. It is an eternal component of who we are which is tapped into from that quiet place within. We must be courageous enough to open and allow ourselves to feel without censoring what it is we are feeling. In this, we must let go of mind and its need to define, analyze, judge, and make it what we think it should be. And most importantly, go within and ask.

Through this experience, I found love to be a feeling of profound eternal Oneness. The feeling is so pure and free. It is simply a feeling to be experienced not to be grasped, defined, or held captive. It is only experienced in the present moment; therefore, it is constant. And it only exists within the present experience of it; no past no future. When we look upon another, we feel that emanation of Oneness defined as love within ourselves. We can not give that to another, it is solely ours. However, we can experience Oneness with another in that present moment of exchange creating an intimacy through which we share our connection to each other as well as to all existence. That is the emanation of Infinite Creative Intelligence which is our primal essence as wholeness that creates that Oneness to which we all yearn to reawaken.

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